Recovery Coach


Addiction recovery doesn’t end with abstinence.  In fact, getting clean and sober or stopping the compulsive behavior is just the beginning.  Recovery is what comes after that, learning how to engage with life in a healthy way without resorting to compulsive behaviours. Most people find this a daunting task on their own. This is where the Recovery Coach comes in.

A Recovery Coach is a professional, usually someone with their own recovery experience,  who is trained to provide the essential support a newly sober person needs.  Recovery coaching is about preventing relapse, providing structure, and a sense of safety to protect the client’s fragile new-found sobriety.  We work together to solve problems, manage stress and experience less anxiety, depression and anger.  I guide and support people in early recovery to identify and communicate their thoughts and feelings; by better managing their emotions, clients are able to have more satisfying, healthy relationships.   

Recovery from all types of addiction is well supported by coaching.  Family members trying to practice new behaviours that support recovery can also benefit from coaching.

Sometimes people in high-profile positions, whose work includes regular exposure to drugs, alcohol and other risky situations, are best supported by around-the-clock companionship for a period of time. 

I am able to tailor my services to the needs of the individual, whether it be for a short live-in period, a time of travel, a business trip or concert tour, on the campaign tour, on a movie set, or simple regular check-in sessions via video-conferencing. We can work out a plan for length and frequency of sessions.  Fees will be adjusted to fit your individualized plan. If you require daily contact for a period of time, that can be arranged.