After more than 30 years of experience as an addictions counsellor and psychotherapist working with all kinds of people in a myriad of settings, I decided not to register in the College of Psychotherapy, and therefore, can no longer legally call myself a psychotherapist or practice as one within the province of Ontario. Instead, I have evolved into a teacher and lifestyle coach, working with normal, functional people to make their lives even better.  To achieve this, we establish a good working relationship that is essentially a collaboration of my skills, training knowledge and experience, and your expectations, goals, thoughts and feelings.  Together we develop an approach that works for you.  Due to my extensive background in psychotherapy, I know that a cookie cutter approach is not the most effective way to help you.  I am committed to providing a safe space for honest discussion and listening with an open mind.  Only then will I ask questions and offer feedback when invited to. 


To witness personal growth and transformation is a profound experience, one that continues to honour and humble me.  I am inspired by the courage and resilience of the human spirit to overcome obstacles and hardships. And I am forever grateful for finding my calling, and this new chapter in it, which continues to fascinate, fulfill and sustain me after all these years.


Highlights of my resume:


M.Ed. (Counselling Psychology)


C.A.D.C. (Certified Drug and Alcohol Counsellor)


Specialized training in trauma treatment, addiction intervention, mindfulness, and many other aspects of counselling


Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Western University
(course:  Addiction Behaviours)


Past Chairperson of the annual Institute on Addiction Studies, and member of the planning committee for 10 years


Program Coordinator of an adolescent drug treatment program for 10 years


Program Coordinator of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for a multinational corporation for 7 years


Experience in a multitude of counselling settings as a therapist, program coordinator, lecturer, speaker and manager


Private psychotherapy practice from 1994-2017


My own lived experience